Lego Art

Creative scenes taken from the perspective of Lego Minifigures

Title:  Walking On Sunshine
Title: Snow Day
Title: Candy Cane Forest
Title:  Cold and Lonely

Title: On The March
Title: Self Discovery
The road to self discovery is often surprising.  I find the idea of one character literally finding himself thru the lens of a different character in a different universe, both played by the same actor, to be a compelling one.

Title:  Solitary Defender
Title: Childhood Dreams
Title: Karma Chameleon
Title: Checkmate
Title:  Candle In The Dark
Title: Minifigs Of Steel
Title: Shoot Or Be Shot
Title: Hitman
Title:  Bird Of Prey
Title: Sweet Revenge
Title: Black and White
Title: Surfing The Sea Of Foam
Title: Son Of Man (Reprise)
Title: Stonehenge
Title: The Dark Knight Rocks
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